Congratulate Nasitaniao


Let us congratulate Nasitaniao. After a year waiting and looking for a family to support and sponsor her, after being abandoned by her parents and thrown away on the street of Buhoma when she was just 8 months. She was finally found a family to sponsor her education and we can wait to see her […]

A Call for Support

Bwindi group

Dear friends, donors and partners. I am writing to you today to bring your attention to a pressing issue that deserves our collective support and action. In the remote region of Bwindi, Buhoma, Uganda, there exists a community of disadvantaged girls and women who face numerous challenges in their pursuit of a better life. It […]

Bwindi Overview Video

smiling sewer at Bwindi

Here is a short video created by Bwindi to give you an overview of what they do and why.

Traditonal Weaving


Traditional weaving is the oldest method of making a living for women and girls in Africa and in Bwindi. It remains a leading source of income to our girls and women at our center as the sell them out to tourists who visit us. This is aimed at increasing income generation to individuals and families […]

Bwindi Food Project

bwindi food project

The Bwindi4Women project has expanded its scope to include a food growing project. Local land has been cultivated by the women of the project and now substantial quantities of vegetables are available for families. This is one more way that the women’s lives are being enhanced by Bwindi4Women. Here are more photos of the large […]

Education Support Program

We realize that many of our women have children that they need to watch over. So we have started to sponsor education for the children so the mothers can concentrate on learning crafts for a few hours a day while their children are safe in school, and also getting a critical early-child education. LEARN MORE

Sewing Machines

sewing with treadle machines

We were lucky to get a number of sewing machines that allow our women to speed up creation of fabric works. Even though these machines are good old-fashioned foot powered treadle machines, they still make a big difference!