Welcome to Bwindi 4 Women

We’re on the map!

Bwindi4Women has been added to Google maps, which makes it easy for you to come visit us while you are in the area, perhaps seeing the mountain gorillas.

Cleaning Day

In this short video clip you can see members of the Bwindi 4 Women group cleaning the sewing room, where women learn to sew and create crafts.

This is just one aspect of many programs that Bwindi4Women is running to help the girls and women of Bwindi.

It is your support that makes all this possible!

What We Accomplished in 2023

  1. Construction of our activity center, donated to us by Dr. Tony Schwartz and Claudia Schwartz
  2. Designing and developing our new website
  3. Construction of expansion room and compound
  4. Playing salaries of teachers from your donations
  5. Staring a poultry keeping project
  6. Getting a needy baby girl sponsored
  7. A nature tour to Bwindi impenetrable park
  8. Assisting children with learning materials in schools
  9. Getting ten sewing machines
  10. Starting the handcraft shop
  11. Forming girls score athletic team
  12. Electricity installation in parts of our compound
  13. Keeping our center open and paying all its bills!

Our Goals for 2024

  1. Fund going salaries for our three teachers, requiring $541 per month
  2. Find more partners for grants, scholarships, and donations.
  3. Starting up cafe shop and coffee processing experience that will help girls learn skills in hospitality and provide a source of income.
  4. Constructing dormitory facility for girls and women and relaxation room for girls and women facing domestic violence, those walking long distances daily coming to girls center for training (26km daily).
  5. Create online shopping page for our craft products

We have accomplished much, but the needs of our girls and women are great, and there is so much more can do with your  support.

A Progress Report:
Empowering girls and young mothers:
Why it matters 

In our area, 1 in 2 girls and women between 16-30 are illiterate, no skills, no earnings. 40% of women under the age of 30 are single mothers with three to four children.

70% of girls and women of Uganda have suffered severe domestic violence and poverty as 80% of girls and women above 18 years old have no employment opportunities.

Currently in 2023 we have registered 58 young girls from 15- 21 years old, five of them breast-feeding children. Most from families struggling due to poverty and family violence.

Last year we registered 64 girls and women, 40 completed the course of training, and 21 of them are now self employed and 10 employed to different businesses design and fashions.

We lost 10 students due to lack of learning materials and failure to walk long distance, 15 km daily to and fro the center. The remaining 14 still come for training however not often enough.

Currently enrolled we have 58 and 14 continuing trainees for a total number of 72 girls.

Earnings, before joining your skilling program were 0 and they start earning immediately when they start training at our girls skilling center, $100-$200 each month through sales of handcrafts made by themselves.

After a year of training and after completing courses they are earning from $250 -$400 per month.

Your support is essential to keeping up our programs!

Bwindi Girl’s Skills Development Center is a charitable organization set up to support girls and women struggling at home with poverty, HIV, school dropout, early forced marriage, and domestic violence.

Craft Programs

From baskets to jewelry and sewing, our programs teach women crafts by which they can earn a living and transform their lives.

Programs for Women

The Bwindi Girls Skills Development Center is a sanctuary for all community members. We believe that empowering African mothers is the way to go if you want a beautiful community.

Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child’s education that not only elevates that child’s future, but also allow the mother to pursue her training.

How to Support Us

Your support is essential to our success. Read about how you can support our work.